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    Comprehensive care for women and families

    Helping women find healing for substance abuse and mental illness Read More
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    Comprehensive care for women and families

    Helping women find healing for substance abuse and mental illness Read More
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    Comprehensive care for women and families

    Helping women find healing for substance abuse and mental illness Read More

Why Choose Wayside Recovery Center

Wayside provides a complete and multi-tiered continuum of services. We meet women where they are -- in seeking education, treatment, and support in their recovery. We believe in helping you build a future free from addiction. Our services are uniquely tailored to each woman and her family. We offer comprehensive and holistic care which addresses the causes of substance abuse while also providing tools for a life of sobriety and wellbeing. READ MORE

Do You Know Someone Who Needs Help?

Did you know that only 9.6% of people struggling with chemical dependency get the help they need? That’s why we are here: to help your loved one and to help you. Read More

Are You an Alumna from Wayside Recovery Center?

Since our founding in 1954, over 30,000 women have benefitted from Wayside’s services. You are in good company! Recovery is a lifelong journey and we want to be a resource for you. Read More

Is your Friend or Family Member in Treatment?

Watching a friend or family member struggle with chemical dependency is challenging and painful. You might not know what to do or what to say or how to help them. You are not alone. Read More
“Wayside was the best place I could have chosen. I learned a lot about myself, my addiction and, most of all, my recovery. Wayside made me realize how bad I wanted recovery for myself and my children. I felt loved and safe. Wayside is one of the biggest blessings that came into my life.” -Angel

All you have to do is start the conversation,
we can help you create a path to healing

Based upon your initial phone call, we may determine that you could benefit from
treatment and schedule an assessment with you which is called a Rule 25 Assessment.
Ask Us AnythingCompletely confidential, no obligations, just help.

Comprehensive Services for all Stages of Recovery

Wayside provides a full continuum of care able to help women at whatever stage of the disease they are experiencing. From early intervention
and services, to intensive residential services, to supportive housing, to recovery care, Wayside is able to help all women regain their lives.

Early Intervention

Being a friend or family member of someone struggling with chemical dependency is difficult. We are here to help you take the first step. 
Help a Friend

Intensive Residential Services

Our staff will do everything to ensure you
receive the best care you need and the tools you require for sobriety now and throughout the rest of your life.
Wayside Residential Care

Supportive Housing

Wayside’s Supportive Housing provides safe, affordable and permanent housing for women and their families.
Supportive Housing Information

Recovery Care

We provide more than just substance abuse treatment. Our comprehensive services for the entire family help create a strong foundation for recovery.
Relapse Prevention

Recent News

Monday, April 17, 2017

Holistic Care: Helping Us Become Well-Rounded Individuals

How could holistic care benefit someone with addiction? Coming out of the chaos of addiction, care for self has often been minimal, if not obsolete. People in the throes of addiction often focus all their attention on the next drink or drug, creating a disconnect from their core needs. Getting a sober and clearer mind is the beginning of being able to absorb the benefits of holistic care.

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