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Family Programming

At Wayside Recovery Center, we’re interested in addressing recovery with the whole family.  If someone you love has been struggling with addiction, you may have had these thoughts:

This is it, if she keeps using, I have to leave the relationship.
Why can't she just stop?
I don't know how to help.
I'm exhausted. I give up.

Wayside provides a variety of programs to assist you in supporting a family member going through recovery:

1. Family Orientation

Women are encouraged to invite family members, or friends, who support their recovery to a monthly family orientation. A Family Services Coordinator and a Counselor present important information about treatment at Wayside, as well as basic information on addiction. Family and friends also learn about the many services we provide to families. At the end of the evening, everyone has the opportunity to ask questions and tour the facility.
Family and friends of those struggling with addiction often feel frustrated and confused. They've helped their mother, sister, daughter or friend so many times and wonder what more they can do. It's possible they’ve had other people in their lives with addiction, and, though they dislike it, it's a familiar struggle. They may feel like there's no one else that understands what they are going through.  If you can relate with these feelings, you may benefit from attending the Family Orientation Program. This program provides answers to some of these issues and helps you find the support that you need for yourself.  

2. Family Therapy

Women at Wayside are encouraged to have therapy sessions with family members and other support people in their lives. Family sessions may focus on goals the client has for their recovery or relationship concerns that they want to address.  There is no limit to the number of family sessions a client can have during their time in residential treatment.

3. In-Home Parenting Sessions

Wayside provides in-home visits (1 to 2.5 hours each) with women and children after they have left residential services at the Family Treatment Center. Visits made during outpatient treatment can include any family members serving in a co-parenting role. Parenting sessions help to address how addictive behavior impacts children. It’s important to focus on rebuilding their trust as well as recreating a healthy parent-child dynamic during recovery.

4. Alcohol and Drug Education and Referral Services

Wayside offers Rule 25 chemical dependency assessments to the general public, including adolescents and family members of Wayside clients. A Rule 25 Assessment examines the severity of chemical use and secures funding for the proper level of care.

We also offer an education series that is free and open to the public, on a variety of topics that may be of interest to family members, such as:
  • The neurobiology of addiction and trauma
  • Play therapy
  • Attachment in children and adults
  • Codependency
  • Communication in Recovery

To find out more about our Wayside Education Series, contact

5. Mental Health Promotion and Assessment

Wayside screens, educates and provides referrals and advocacy for family members to access mental health services. For more information, contact Wayside Intake at 651-242-5540 or

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