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FAQs for Women Considering Treatment

What makes Wayside different?
Over sixty years ago, Wayside Recovery Center began with a mission to help women improve the quality of their life. Since then, Wayside Recovery Center has become an expert in delivering gender-specific treatment. Our approach focuses on the unique issues and circumstances of women, as well as the different ways women can heal. Each woman receives an individual plan towards her recovery, based on an assessment. We believe one size doesn’t fit all.

Wayside Recovery Center understands that many women who struggle with chemical dependency may also have additional needs. They might need to address past trauma, as well as  struggles with mental health. Wayside Recovery Center is uniquely qualified to treat them all.

We specialize in delivering holistic, quality care on a continuum. This means we can  concentrate on whatever issues a woman might have— she might need outpatient treatment, residential treatment, perhaps she would like to come with her children, or find supportive housing for herself and her family. Whatever the scenario, we are here to help.

What is a Rule 25 Assessment? Where do I get one?
This is usually a face to face interview with a alcohol and drug counselor who will ask you questions. Your answers will help determine what type of care will be best suited to fit your needs. Wayside Recovery Center provides them for free, by appointment. Call Ashley Todd to schedule an appointment at 651-242-5540.
Do you have mental health/chemical dependency services?
Yes, Wayside Recovery Center is capable of addressing both mental and chemical health and we are licensed to provide care for both.   All of our clients will receive a diagnostic assessment. If appropriate, clients will be referred to therapy, psychiatry, or medication management services.

What should I expect?
Learn more about recovery services
How long do women stay?
The length of a stay is based upon each woman’s circumstances. However, we do know that longer lengths of treatment create the best outcomes.  The typical length of stay is 90 days, but Wayside commits to providing the care each woman needs, for as long as she needs it.   Residential treatment is followed by outpatient treatment, which typically lasts for 12 weeks. 
What is an average day?
The day begins at about 7:30-8am, with either house responsibilities to complete, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) transportation, or child care drop-off (for moms with children at the Family Treatment Center).

8:30-11:30am are the first groups of the day – These may be educational or therapeutic groups on a variety of topics related to women and families and addiction/mental health issues.

Lunch is served at about 11:45am

12:30-1pm are Office Hours – time to talk with your counselor about anything you need help scheduling for the week

1-5pm are more educational or therapeutic groups, as well as potentially time for your weekly 1:1 meeting with your counselor.

5-6pm is Dinner time and relaxation

6:30-8:30pm is time for evening groups or meetings, either on-site or away from the facility after clients have been in residence for a while
Where are you located?
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How do I pay?
Wayside accepts women regardless of their ability to pay for treatment.  Your method of payment will be discussed during your intake assessment.  Wayside accepts all major insurance providers.  If a patient is low-income, they may be eligible for public assistance. We will work with you to handle the payment process. 

Will I have a dedicated counselor?
Yes, you will have a dedicated counselor who you will meet with weekly. In addition,  you can expect to meet with your counselor within 72 hours of entering treatment.

Is there a way for me to enter treatment with my children?
Yes, Wayside is one of only five providers in the state that offers family treatment.  Women can enter treatment pregnant, and with children up to age 11.  Women can also be working towards reunification while in treatment. and have custody re-established. These services are offered through the Family Treatment Center.

Do you offer childcare while I am in treatment?
For women at our Family Treatment Center, we provide childcare while the women are in programming.  At our Wellness Center, we offer childcare while the women are in programming. 

How does chemical dependency affect my children?
Unfortunately, children are impacted by their mother’s substance abuse.  This varies widely in terms of severity and symptoms. Your child will most likely need help, because of the traumatic nature of chemical dependency.  At our Family Treatment Center, we offer these services, which are crucial to everyone’s recovery.

How can I stay in touch with loved ones?
Learn more about our Family Programming.
Can I have visitation with my children while in treatment?
Wayside Recovery Center has dedicated staff who will assist you in setting up visitation with your children, in either of our residential programs. At our Family Treatment Program, children ages 12-18 can visit, and children 11 and under can either live on-site or visit.

Can I have overnights outside of Wayside?
Passes in the community are determined between you and your counselor. 
Can I work or go to school while I am a client?
If you attend one of our Outpatient Programs, then you certainly can arrange school, work, and other life-related obligations around your appointments. However, you cannot work, or go to school while living at one of Wayside's Residential Programs. If you require the intensity of one of our Residential programs, we want you to focus your time on becoming healthy. Both employment and education will be waiting for you!

If I am in one of the residential programs, when can I leave the building to go on pass or do outside activities?
It depends on what phase of the program you are in. If you are Intensive Residential, you will be allowed to go on passes after 30 days of living at Wayside. If you are just at the residential phase, you can usually leave the building after 72 hours. After one week, you can go out on your own.

Can I bring my car to Wayside?
Yes, you can. You must show proof of insurance, and a valid driver’s license. You may not be allowed to use your car all the time.  This will be determined with your counselor.

Can my pet visit?
If you are at the Women’s Treatment Center, dogs less than 40 lbs can visit with permission from the Director of Treatment Services. They are required to be on a leash, and any messes cleaned up afterwards.

Do you have outpatient?
Yes, at our new Wellness Outpatient Center.

Do you have housing?
Wayside Recovery Center does have a Supportive Housing Program.  Wayside’s Recovery Services Department also helps provide women with resources to various sober and supportive housing opportunities.  
Can I start at one program and finish at another?
Possibly, however, this is determined on a case by case basis, depending on your needs.

What are the staff like?
Wayside’s staff are skillful, compassionate, and caring. They have extensive experience working with chemical dependency, child protection issues, mental health, navigating the legal system, and even budget planning.  In fact, some of them have many years of their own sobriety which means they can relate to the challenges and the rewards of the recovery process. At Wayside, our dedicated staff ensures that women learn the skills they need to prevent relapse, and the strength to build a healthier life. 

Are there staff in recovery?
Many staff members of Wayside are in recovery themselves and can understand what you have gone through and what you are experiencing in treatment.
Do you have a psychiatrist on staff?
Wayside provides Tele-Psychiatry services onsite, as well as working closely with several local psychiatric and therapeutic businesses. We will refer any client who requires this specialized care.

Do you have medical care staff?
Wayside has a nurse on staff who is available for clients.  Wayside also has additional healthcare staff who assist with mediation management. 

Do you allow me to take my medications?
Yes, please bring all medications you’ve been prescribed.  The staff will keep your medications locked and secured, and will observe you taking them. We may work with your doctor about specific medications, which have mood altering side effects or are habit forming.

Will I go to AA/NA/self help meetings while I am there?
Yes, we provide in-house meetings, and may require you to go to at least two meetings outside of the house per week.

Can I exercise while I am there?
Yes, we encourage exercise and healthy eating.

What happens after treatment?
Wayside Recovery Center has a recovery services department, which includes a case manager who will work closely with each woman to develop a thorough aftercare plan, and  provide housing resources, before she leaves treatment. Resources may include a referral to our Family Supportive Housing facility located in St. Louis Park. Wayside has a superb recovery maintenance program to support women after they leave the residential treatment setting. 

Can I come to Wayside if I live outside of Minnesota? 
Yes, if you reside outside of Minnesota you can still receive our services.

Will I have access to the internet?
Yes, Wayside has a computer lab for your use. 
Will Wayside be able to accommodate my dietary restrictions?
Wayside’s meals are planned by a dietician and can be tailored to meet your dietary needs.  At intake please let staff be aware of your needs. 
Will Wayside support my cultural values?
Wayside understands it can be important to be surrounded by items that remind you of your heritage.  You are welcome to bring these items with you.  If you don’t have access to items, our staff will help you personalize your space and accommodate your cultural preferences.  Wayside makes referrals for additional services you may request to support your recovery.  Wayside allows sage to be burned on premise and supports traditional medicine.

What happens if I do not like it there? What if I want to leave?
We understand that coming to treatment can be very overwhelming. Our Residential Program doors are not locked from the inside, and you are free to leave at any time. We do encourage all clients to try to stay for at least a week to give it a chance.

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