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How to Compare Treatment

1. Gather information – ask about:

  • A description of the services offered
  • Whether they take your insurance
  • Whether they are able to meet any special needs you may have

2. Think about your preferences – would you like:

  • A gender- or culturally-specific provider?
  • A specialized treatment for your particular mental health/addiction?
  • A provider who can address both mental health and substance use at the same time?
  • A certain location or transportation accessibility to other providers you work with?

3. Ask for other opinions:

  • Ask your assessor/workers. Rule 25 assessors and other social service workers usually have good knowledge about different treatment programs and their reputations, and they may be able to help you decide.
  • Ask your family members or friends for their thoughts.

4. Think about your treatment goals and what matters most for you.


5. Write down and ask any questions you have that will help you make this decision.

To ask any questions of the Wayside Intake team, please call 651-242-5540.


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Monday, April 17, 2017

Holistic Care: Helping Us Become Well-Rounded Individuals

How could holistic care benefit someone with addiction? Coming out of the chaos of addiction, care for self has often been minimal, if not obsolete. People in the throes of addiction often focus all their attention on the next drink or drug, creating a disconnect from their core needs. Getting a sober and clearer mind is the beginning of being able to absorb the benefits of holistic care.

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