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Education Series

At Wayside’s Education Series you can learn about chemical dependency and mental health. The Education Series provides an entry point for learning how to prevent the abuse of substances or learning when use becomes a problem.  This is also great information for family members of someone in recovery, individuals contemplating getting help, those living in recovery, professionals in the field, and anyone who wants to learn more about the disease or how to help someone struggling.

Peer Recovery Support Specialists

Our Peer Recovery Support Specialists are available to former clients as a resource to support their sobriety.  Alumnae can call and meet with a Specialist as often as they like.  Our staff help women when they are having difficulties and help them to maintain a recovery lifestyle. 

Family Services Counselors

At our Family Treatment Center we have staff dedicated solely to breaking generational cycles of chemical dependency.  Women enter care along with their children.  While the mother is receiving treatment our Family Services Counselors work with children to address the trauma they have experienced as a result of their mother’s chemical dependency.  Our specially qualified staff help children heal and remain resilient.  Children benefit from one-on-one work, mother-child activities and child based activities. 

Parenting Education

Women at our residential centers benefit from parenting education.  Many need to build skills, learn a new way to parent and how to handle parental stress sober. In struggling with the disease of addiction, many women have not developed a stable loving parental role with their children.  Our parenting education classes help women know how to meet the needs of their children, demonstrate their love for them, and how to build trust in the mother-child relationship.  This education is an important tool in healing children and developing a healthy relationship that will help children be resilient and not face the negative life outcomes their mother experienced.   

Community Presentations

Wayside Recovery Center staff make presentations to various community groups.  Presentations can be tailored to each audience in regards to age, background, understanding of the disease, etc.  Contact us to schedule a speaker.  

Recent News

Monday, April 17, 2017

Holistic Care: Helping Us Become Well-Rounded Individuals

How could holistic care benefit someone with addiction? Coming out of the chaos of addiction, care for self has often been minimal, if not obsolete. People in the throes of addiction often focus all their attention on the next drink or drug, creating a disconnect from their core needs. Getting a sober and clearer mind is the beginning of being able to absorb the benefits of holistic care.

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