Comprehensive Care for Women and Families

Wayside provides a complete and multi-tiered continuum of services. We meet women where they are — in seeking education, treatment, and support in their recovery. Our services are uniquely tailored to each woman and her family. We offer comprehensive and holistic care which addresses the causes of substance abuse while also providing tools for a life of recovery and well-being.


Services for All Stages of Recovery

Wayside provides a full continuum of care able to help women at whatever stage of the disease they are experiencing. From early intervention and services, to intensive residential services, to supportive housing, to recovery care, Wayside is able to help all women regain their lives.

Prevention, Education & Intervention

Residential & Outpatient Treatment

Peer Recovery

“Wayside was the best place I could have chosen. I learned a lot about myself, my addiction and, most of all, my recovery. Wayside made me realize how bad I wanted recovery for myself and my children. I felt loved and safe. Wayside is one of the biggest blessings that came into my life.”

- Wayside Mother


Prevention, Education, and Intervention

Fourth Friday Forum

Every fourth Friday of the month clinicians, educators, administrators, and executives will share their knowledge and expertise on various topics and examine current issues facing those with substance use disorder.


Wayside Women's Services Project ECHO

WWS ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) offers Minnesota providers who serve women and families experiencing substance use disorder an opportunity to learn from specialists about best practices that support positive outcomes, present client cases, and access collective knowledge on working with women with diverse experiences and cultural considerations.


Family Services

Working to break the intergenerational cycle of trauma and substance abuse, our therapists and family counselors work with children of clients to address any developmental and mental health needs they have as a result of their mother’s substance use disorder.


Residential and Outpatient Treatment

Family Treatment Center

Wayside is one of only five providers in the state where women can enter treatment with their children. Women receive services for their substance use disorder while they also work to:

  • Improve their parenting skills
  • Understand the trauma their children have faced
  • Improve relationships with their family
  • Ultimately break the cycle of dependency


Women's Treatment Center

Women receive services to treat their acute substance use disorder and mental health problems while gaining skills and resources to have a better quality of life. The program is customized to each woman’s unique needs including the length of stay, therapies, wellness, and foundational needs (education, benefits, housing).


Wellness Center

An entry point for preventative care, our outpatient wellness center provides clients who are at lower risk with a continuum of care from early intervention to recovery services. Individualized for each woman, we offer one-on-one therapy and group counseling to focus on life-course health.


Peer Recovery Services

Peer Recovery Support

Peer Recovery Specialists provide resources and support for a healthy recovery lifestyle as our clients transition back into the community from residential treatment. Foundation for continued care includes helping them find mental health services, housing, education and primary and pediatric healthcare providers.


Supportive Housing

One of the biggest challenges our clients face is housing. Our Supportive Housing program provides safe and affordable housing for women and their families as they transition from treatment back into the community. In addition, support staff assists residents with life goal setting, financial management, and relapse prevention.


Friday, February 23, 2018

Fire Up or Burn Out!

As professionals, we are exposed to stress and trauma each day. Clients come to us for help and share with us extreme pain and shame. We must know how to deal with it, dissipate it and be balanced. In this presentation, we will discuss how the brain processes stress, review the self-care wheel, and implement the three principles to diffuse secondary trauma.

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