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Getting Help

Contact our Intake Team at 651-242-5540

A staff member will be able to speak with you and discuss next steps within 24 hours and will walk you through the appropriate steps necessary to determine if you would benefit from treatment. Currently, this involves a Rule 25 Assessment, which is a chemical health assessment done by a licensed alcohol and drug counselor.   

This assessment will look at past and current alcohol and/or drug use, mental health, family history of substance abuse, current employment situation, living arrangements and any other medical concerns. 

I think I need help.  What should I do?

Take a Short Assessment Now

Rule 25 Assessment

We provide Rule 25 Assessments by appointment. To make an appointment call 651-242-5540.

If you have already completed a Rule 25 Assessment, please have your assessor fax assessment to 651-209-6341.


Stop In

You can stop into our Wellness Center in St. Paul and request to speak with someone about the treatment process. They will guide you through the steps necessary to get you the help you need.

Determination of Level of Care

Based upon your assessment, our staff will determine which level of support is most suitable within our continuum of care based upon your needs and family status. Wayside also has a comprehensive referral network, so if we are unable to get you into our program, then we will refer you to another provider.

Before Entering Treatment

After determining which program is right for you, we will walk you through each step and support you as you are in the process of admitting into one of our programs. Please note, there is typically a waiting list at our residential facilities; the intake coordinator will discuss this more in-depth with you during your intake interview. If you are on a waiting list, there are a number of things you can do to become prepared and Wayside offers pre-engagement services to help support you while you are waiting for an admission date. For our outpatient services, there is typically not a waiting list and once we have your Rule 25 Assessment, we will walk you through the process and get you started in programming quickly.   

Friday, February 23, 2018

Fire Up or Burn Out!

As professionals, we are exposed to stress and trauma each day. Clients come to us for help and share with us extreme pain and shame. We must know how to deal with it, dissipate it and be balanced. In this presentation, we will discuss how the brain processes stress, review the self-care wheel, and implement the three principles to diffuse secondary trauma.

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